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Totusi, daca nu esti un barbat inalt, super frumos, faimos si bogat; ce e de facut pentru a declansa in continuare acele butoane la o femeie pe care le atrage masculinitatea, faima sau bogatia!?

Vestea buna e ca acele butoane care declanseaza atractia unei femei fata de tine, pot fi in continuare activate, iar intr-o mai mica sau o mai mare masura cartea de fata ne invata cum sa facem lucrurile acestea.

As David states at the very beginning: DYD is not a novel, it is more like a guide or encyclopedia. Please note The How To Made Easy is not affiliated with the owners, authors or publishers of Double Your Dating.

You shouldn't stop reading until you're successfully doing what it says.

Combined with David's three bonus e Books (see below), Double Your Dating covers absolutely everything a guy needs to know about dating.

This really is the most comprehensive dating advice guide available.

It DOES however tell you EXACTLY how to go from approaching a beautiful woman, creating comfort, establishing an emotional connection, and then taking things all the way to your bedroom.

Read this book, IMPLEMENT what you learn, and you will definitely be taking home beautiful women within a matter of weeks. David De Angelo has become something of an authority on the topic of Dating Advice.

This is not a bad score for a dating techniques book.In adancul mintii si poate chiar la un nivel subtil/secret, fiecare femeie isi doreste sa gaseasca un barbat sigur pe el; un barbat care este in control atat asupra lui, asupra realitatii lui si chiar asupra femeilor din viata lui.Secretul este sa fii ce atrage femeile prin unicitatea sa.Overall, I'd say this should be a STAPLE to any guy with "game". David De Angelo's "Cocky Comedy" is not only loaded with great hilarious alpha lines to play with in A2, but goes into the psychology behind one of the things human beings use to peacock with...HUMOR and LAUGHTER, and why it's important to convey it. The guest speakers are also funny, give day2 ideas, and have fun with the material. Cocky Comedy should be learned and practiced by every man who wants to get better with women.Pentru ca nu-i asa, cu totii ne dorim lucruri unice si lucruri exclusiviste.


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