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PLYMOUTH – On Saturday, three athletes from Plymouth will walk out on the track at Bloomington to take on 26 of the best athletes in the state in their event in the state track and field state championships.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 370 schools compete in the state tournament — each with multiple entries in each event.

It's a far cry from what record executives predicted over a decade ago, before the release of his 2004 studio debut The first time Kanye West asked the folks at Roc-A-Fella records to let him rap, there was an uncomfortable silence.

Authorities said Cortez choked the unidentified victim and tore away her top, the report stated.

Three unidentified witnesses told authorities they heard the victim's screams for help and intervened to stop the attack.

Then there's Kanye, who to my knowledge has never hustled a day in his life.

I didn't see how it could work."Roc-A-Fella wasn't the only label to pass on Kanye (pronounced -yay; it means "the Only One" in Swahili) West.


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