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One tip that worked for me on vac lines, put a small wire tie (garbage bag ties also work) around the vacuum line going to the throttle body. I had one of those and It was a major pain in the butt to work on.That one was always pulling loose and the tie did the trick. Had to replace the engine due to a crankshaft needle bearing failure.

Just be glad its not an 80s Honda vac diagram..far the most complicated vacuum system I have ever worked on.Take a look at the video below for some video evidence of these cheats in action.A minority of people abuse the freedom of the Internet to the detriment of the vast majority.The most recent Information Security Breaches Survey of 2006 shows that the steep rise in the number of businesses affected by security issues appears to be levelling off.However, the report stresses that it is certainly not a time for complacency.This list is starting to get very long, so please use the search functionality, along with the keywords or A to Z in addition to this page.


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