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I had never met a gay person before in my life, at least not that I knew of.

I was only vaguely aware that other people like me existed.

Professional counselor Sullivan supplements his breezy advice with anecdotes from his clients to coach gay readers looking for Mr. As the "101" title implies, this is a beginner's guide with Sullivan starting at the ground level ("What is a date? His baby-steps approach covers potential opening lines for small talk with strangers; a three-page list of qualities to help narrow the focus of what your Mr.

Right needs to possess; and locations for running into eligible men.

But late one night, in a parking lot after we had spent an angry hour talking on the phone, I made a decision that I would later consider an act of mercy for both of us: I would never speak to him again — and didn't.

When I finally told him the truth, answering his oft-asked inquiries about my infidelity with a final, fateful yes, we remained locked in a toxic back-and-forth, shouting insults at each other for a month.

The book ends with a useful resource guide that lists online matchmaking services, gay organization links and reference directories Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.While there are a lot of great gay dating sites for singles out there, not all of them cater to those single men who are seriously searching for a lasting relationship. We believe that a long term relationship requires two people to really gel, which is why we prioritize an in-depth matchmaking process and create connections that we believe are made to last.What's more is we're here to help you through the entire process of finding love online starting with a guide to online dating.It wasn’t my identity, but it still managed to shift the sands beneath my feet whenever I thought I had found stable footing.For a lot of LGBT* folks, identity is a constant negotiation between the way we see ourselves and they way we feel we’re supposed to be perceived. College is often referred to as our “formative years,” and there is real truth to that.Yet, easier overall doesn’t always mean easier on an individual scale – and if you’ve been single a while it can be only too easy to view these tales of lasting love and marriage as some sort of urban relationship myth, meant only for the very handsome, the very rich or the very lucky.


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