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— A popular You Tube live stream of a giraffe that is about to give birth at a New York adventure park was restored Thursday morning after being pulled for “nudity and sexual content.” A live shot from Animal Adventure Park was keeping an eye on April the giraffe as she was about to give birth to her fourth calf when You Tube cut the feed. The park official said since the live shot went live Wednesday, there were 20 million to 30 million views waiting for the 15-year-old giraffe to give birth.

“Baby checks out just perfect,” zookeepers said on Facebook on Sunday morning.

The first will last about 10 days and the second will last about five days.

--April the giraffe from Animal Adventure Park posted is finally giving birth! RELATED: The countdown to calf has begun App users can watch live HERE.

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April's fans have stayed loyal to the live stream, waiting for the big moment. — The owner of a New York zoo planning to live-stream a giraffe giving birth says the video feed was briefly removed from You Tube because animal rights activists labeled it sexually explicit.But owner Jordan Patch says You Tube removed the feed early Thursday after someone reported it was explicit and contained nudity.Male giraffes also are not part of the child rearing process.You've been watching and waiting..waiting and watching, and the day has finally arrived! - If you've been on hatch watch, like we have, the wait is finally over for one of the hatchlings! (Click here to watch the magic moment) (Here's another look) You can see live streaming video of the growing family on the stream below.


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