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FAMILY TAXONOMYThe wood-warblers, or Parulidae (pronounced pah-ROO-luh-dee), are a large family of one hundred and twenty-two species in twenty-six genera that only occur in North and South America.

NORTH AMERICA North America has ninety species of wood-warblers in twenty-six genera; included in this family are the yellowthroats, a seemingly dizzying array of warblers, and the waterthrushes.

A neuronal lineage marker can be either DNA, m RNA or RNA expressed in a cell of interest.

It can also be a protein tag, as a partial protein, a protein or an epitope that discriminates between different cell types or different states of a common cell.

Short stories are a great way for adult ESL learners to find common ground to have discussions.

Who wouldn’t love to chat about which character is their favorite, or predict what will happen in a suspense story they are reading?

Even your shyest students might get so excited about what you are reading in class that they start to participate more.

Discussions about short stories are a great way for your students to practice their oral skills.

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We need to keep our adult ESL students just as engaged during class as young, playful kittens. Short stories are one convenient tool which can produce the “ball of yarn” effect, grabbing your students’ full attention.

I’ve compiled six such short stories for you to use with your adult learners, plus handy tips on where to find others and how to best use them in class.

To get started, let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

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